Yes, we are officially back!

ROOTCON 17 will be on September 27, 28 & 29, 2023 at Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay, Philippines. This year for ROOTCON 17 Car Hacking Village in the Philippines, there will be lots of activities including bug-bashing a PoC vehicle. This year, we have also partnered with Division Zero’s (Div0) Car Security Quarter (CSQ) to bring out the best in CHV PH for ROOTCON 17.

Tools Exhibit

          - One Vehicle for PoC
          - Two Instrument Clusters (Standalone)
          - One Infotainment System (Standalone)
          - One Automotive Firewall
          - Div0's Car Security Quarter (CSQ) Test Benches
          - CAN sniffers
          - nano-can
          - RF Tools (Flipper Zero and HackRF)
          - and many more…

Community Partner

Division Zero’s (Div0) Car Security Quarter (CSQ)

ROOTCON 17 Announcement about CHV PH

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